Daily programme in the park

Here we offer fantastic theatre experiences for young and old. All the performances are based on Astrid Lindgren’s stories, and many include singing, music and dancing as part of the story. Everything you can see on our stages during the day is included in the admission price.

We put on approx. 50 different performances every day in the park. In Katthult, Emil is up to mischief to his father Anton’s annoyance; in Villekulla Cottage, Kling and Klang try to catch Pippi Longstocking; and in Matt’s Fort, Ronja and Birk leap over the gorge Helvetesgapet. Scenes from the books are also performed in Junedale and Cherry Tree Valley, on Karlsson’s roof and wherever Rasmus is.

The daily programme for the 2017 september season you can see further down. The daily programme will show you the times of the performances and when Pippi Longstocking, That Emil, Karlsson of the roof and the others are at home so they can meet our visitors.

The dailyprogram for weekends in september, in PDF-format.

Small stage

11.45     Songs with Miss Prusselius

13.15     ”There are no robbers in the forest!”

15.15     Mio, My Son

Villekulla Cottage

10.30 – 12.30       Pippi and her friends in Villekulla Cottage.

11.30     Pippi Longstocking and the burglars

12.15     Pippi Longstocking gets an important visit

14.15 – 16.30       Pippi and her friends in Villekulla Cottage.

14.15     Fabbe the Pirate’s Lass!

16.15     15.10 Pippi Longstocking gets a visit from the police


10.45 – 13.30       Emil and his family in Katthult

10.45     A catechetical meeting in Katthult

12.45     When Emil got his head stuck in the soup tureen

15.00 – 16.45       Emil and his family in Katthult

15.00     When Emil threw potato dumpling mix over his father

16.25 The big feast in Katthult

Karlsson’s Roof

10.45 – 12.50       Karlsson, Miss Bock and Lillebror in Vasastan

12.40     Karlsson’s bun-tirritation

15.40 – 16.40       Karlsson, Miss Bock and Lillebror in Vasastan

14.30     Karlsson introduces Uncle Julius to the world of fairy tales