Seacrow Island

”Seacrow Island” is the park’s only indoor setting and here you can enjoy a ride through Stockholm’s archipelago. Go on a 10-minute journey through scenes and surroundings from the story of Seacrow Island. There’s the lovable, clumsy Melker trying to get rid of Pelle’s cute wasps, Tjorven, Båtsman, Stina – and Malin, of course.

In the summer, Seacrow Island is visited by guests from town, including the noisy Melkerson family led by the father, old man Melker. Melker is a wise yet stubborn man who understands that summer is the time children really get to be children. Although sometimes you wonder if it’s not old man Melker who’s taking the chance to be a child. He’s the one behind some of the most childish ideas and larks. Either that, or no one has ever asked him why he goes swimming with all his clothes on.

Life on Seacrow Island is about being able to play when you want to, having nature and the sea always nearby, and about how happy these simple things can make you feel.