That Emil

Emil lives at Katthult with his mother, father and baby sister Ida. They have a maid called Lina, a farmhand called Alfred and a small pig called Piglet. Alfred and Piglet are Emil’s best friends. Katthult is in many ways a typical Småland farm, with a small, red main building, a farm workers’ cottage, a storehouse where the food is kept and a barn for the livestock. This particular farm also has a woodshed, and anyone who has heard the stories about Emil knows that this is a place which he visits often.

Get up to mischief with That Emil

Enjoy the performance of “When Emil got his head stuck in the soup tureen” in Katthult starting May 9. In between shows you have a chance to meet Emil and his family. The question is what you will enjoy more­ – watching Emil get up to mischief, or joining him in them? See the Daily Programme to find out when the characters are in their settings.

100 years ago, when Astrid’s father was young, there were many small farms like Katthult in the province of Småland. He often told Astrid and her brothers and sisters stories about his childhood, and it was from these stories that Astrid borrowed settings as well as characters for her books about Emil.