Ronja, the robber´s daughter

The night that Ronja was born, lightening hit Matt’s fort and split it in half. Since then, Matt’s robbers keep to the southern part of the castle. Helvetesgapet, the gorge between the two parts of the castle, is a place Ronja has been told to stay away from since it is deep and dangerous.

Ronja lives a real robber’s life in the castle with her father Matt, mother Lovis and all Matt’s robbers. One day, the Borka robbers move into the other part of the castle. The Borka family and the Matt family have been enemies since time immemorial, so when Ronja and Birk meet each other, it is the start of a complicated friendship.

The stage in Matt’s Fort
In Matt’s Fort you can experience how the robbers live. During the day we act out scenes from the story of Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, including the day of Ronja’s birth, when the castle was split in two by lightning. Between performances you can also explore the castle, from the prison cells in the cellar to Noddle-Pete’s tower room.

Meet Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter

Experience the home and life of robbers in Matt’s Fort. Starting June 8, there are several performances from the book Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter, including the one about the night Ronja was born and the fort is split in two. In between shows you can step inside and discover the fort, from the dungeons to Noddle-Pete’s tower. To find out when the characters are in their setting, see the Daily Programme.