Rasmus and the tramp

Rasmus is on the run from the Västerhaga childrens’ home where the harsh Miss Hök is in charge. As he follows the roads in search of a new home, he stops for a rest in a small, grey hay barn. Here he meets Paradis-Oskar, a friendly tramp, who looks after him and becomes his new companion and friend. When Rasmus is eventually offered a home, he decides to stay with Paradis-Oskar and continue to live on the road as a tramp.

Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar walks around in Astrid Lindgren’s World and may pop up virtually anywhere. The best place to meet them is at Rasmus’ barn, where anyone can have a go at playing in the hay in the hay loft.

Meet Rasmus

Rasmus and Paradis-Oskar are on the run around the park. You can meet them two times a day at Rasmus’ barn.