Mardie lives at a place called Junedale, in a big red house next to a river. She lives there with her mother, father and her baby sister Elisabeth, a poodle called Sasso and a kitten called Gosan. Mardie’s real name is Margaret, but only her mother calls her that when she tells Mardie off for being naughty. If you visit Mardie, you may find her sitting on the roof of the woodshed. From there, she can see straight into the kitchen of the Nilsson family, the home of Abbe whom Mardie really likes.

Visit Mardie

Meet Mardie, Elisabeth, Alva, Abbe, and Uncle Nilsson in Junedale. They are here from the start of the summer season June 8. See the Daily Programme for up-to-date times.

Mardie is very much like Astrid herself as a child and her younger sister, Elisabeth, is a strong reminder of Astrid’s own baby sister, Stina. The name itself and the peaceful setting, have been taken from Astrid’s best friend who was always called Mardie.