Karlsson on the roof

On a very ordinary street in Stockholm, in a very ordinary house, lives the very ordinary Svantesson family. There is a very ordinary father and a very ordinary mother, as well as three very ordinary children, Bosse, Bettan and Lillebror. Lillebror doesn’t think he is ordinary, but he probably is. In the house where he lives, there is only one remarkable person, and that is Karlsson on the roof. He is a very short, very portly and confident man and he can fly! When Karlsson turns a button in the middle of his belly button, it starts a clever little engine on his back.

Tirritate with Karlsson

Starting May 9, you can enjoy a theatre performance at Karlsson on the Roof’s. Peek inside the kitchen in Vasastan, where Karlsson and Lillebror get up to mischief. In between shows you can meet everyone, tirritate and go whooshing down the slide.