The brothers Lionheart

“In Nangijala, you will experience adventures from morning ’til night, and throughout the night as well.” This is what Jonatan Lionheart tell to comfort and cheer up his baby brother Skorpan who is ill and about to die. He says that in Nagijala, there is a place called Cherry Tree Valley, and in the valley there is an old farm called Ryttargården where they will live together. This is the opening of the story of the Lionheart brothers, a story of freedom and safety, and about the fight against the evil which threatens all of us.

Discover Cherry Tree Valley and Wild Rose Valley

Wild Rose Valley and Cherry Tree Valley are places found in the story about the Brothers Lionheart. You can also visit them here at Astrid Lindgren’s World. Next to the stone bridge in Cherry Tree Valley and on the square in Wild Rose Valley you see performances from the story about Skorpan and Jonatan and in between shows you get to meet them in person. Premieres June 8. See the Daily Programme for show times and when you can find the characters in their settings.